We're fortunate to live just two short blocks from Fair Oaks Street, a street well-known in San Francisco for putting on a really great trick-or-treat event, where nearly every house participates. THey close off the street to traffic and kids from all of the city are able to have a safe, traditional trick-or-treat. This was Alina's first halloween and we had her dressed up as a kitty cat. In fact she was dressed up most of hte day, with Suzetty applying her master touch at the make-up. It wasn't long before her whiskers and nose were fading, and my repeated attempts at a touch up were rebuffed by Alina at every turn. We met up with Bronwyn and Meredith, both dressed as pirates. I was leant a silly bow tie as I was not prepared with my own costume. We walked down to Fair Oaks and got started. This being their first time,the girls were reticient to go up and take candy form a stranger (good sign!), but we helped them and nudged them along. The people on Fair Oaks were super nice.

Alina and Bronwyn were often distracted and puzzled about all the other kids in costume. Seven year olds bouncing from house to house with their chocolate treasures were a little intimidating. We slowly made it up the blcok, crossed over and slowly made it down the next block. We had a little plastic jck-o-lantern pail that we collected candies in, but the girls were just as likley to try and give a piece of candy to the person as take one from them. They also didn't seem to understnad that the candy was edible. They woudl suck on the brightly colred, and crinkly wrapped candy, but on the occasion that the actualy bit through a wrapper they seemed slightly disgusted by the taste of the candy (good sign!) After a short time, we wrapped it up and headed back home, a plastic pail full of slobbery candy.

Random 'best-of' pictures:

encampment - burningman 2007

chris and pete - aspen 2002

Russian River oct 08