Hike to Twin Peaks

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-Start from the house by going to 23rd street and walking up the hill. Continue on 23rd street for several blocks.
-When 23rd dead-ends into "Grand View Ave." look left to a spiral walkway leading to a pedestrian overpass. Go up and over and then continue up the stairs.
-At the top of the stairs turn right on Corbett Ave, and then left on Hopkins Ave.
-Turn right on Burnett Ave. and walk for a bit until you come to a street on the left called Gardenside Drive. Cross over to the Northwest corner and you will see a dirt path on a small ridge. Scramble up to that path.
-The path turns into a concrete drain. Continue to follow it until the way is blocked. Then follow the dirt paths to the top.
-Take a few moments to enjoy the view then continue along the path by the road. After a bit you will see a small wooden sign indicating a trail. Follow this trail down.
-You'll work your way down a few public stairways until you return to Burnett Ave. Retrace your steps back to the spiral walkway and then back home.

Distance is about 2 miles each way (4 miles roundtrip)

Alternate Routes
For a more strenuous, steeper walk take 22nd street instead of 23rd
Once at the Twin Peaks overlook, hike to the top to one or both of the actual peaks.
On the way back go down 24th to grab a well-deserved drink, snack, or ice cream.

Random 'best-of' pictures:

ardmore in the winter

sailing Andy May 08

clearwater beach FL 2004