Hike to Twin Peaks

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-Start from the house by going to 24th St. and turning left (south) on Church St.
-Follow Church Street for several blocks until it dead-ends at 30th Street.
-Turn left at 30th Street and then take the first (quick) right on Chenery St.
-Follow Chenery St. for the rest of the way as it loops around and eventually takes you to Glen Canyon Park.
-Follow the trails in the park. Some start out paved, and then become dirt. Dirt trails also rise up and out of the canyon.
-To return home you have several choices. You can double back out the way you came. You can follow the trails up the East side of the canyon and out at the softwball field behind a small shopping center. From there you can cross over to Duncan Street and follow it back out to Church St. Or you can follow Duncan for a block to Douglass and proceed down on Douglass to 24th Street. Then take 24th St back to Chattanooga St.

Distance is about 2 miles each way, not including the trails in the park. (4 miles roundtrip)

Chenery St will take you through the heart of the Glen Park neighborhood. The Canyon Market at Chenery and Diamond St. is a good place to stop and get a sandwhich or some of their deli items for a picnic lunch
Some of the trails up the Canyon are difficult to see due to overgrowth

Random 'best-of' pictures:

dora canal florida

meadow - carson iceberg jul08

Angel Island - Heave Ho - May2010