A (week)day in the life of Peter
Get up and make breakfast. Typically it's a bowl of Cheerios and a glass of OJ. Take my vitamin and those knee supplements. The knees seem to be doing better. Probably a combination of keeping off the high impact stuff, taking those supplements, and doing specific, moderate, strengthen exercises. That's important, because after I'm dressed and have walked the dog around the block I grab my bike and ride off to work.

Yep I ride my bike to work. Awhile back I gave up my Muni (bus) pass. Overall the service wasn't that great and more than a couple times I beat the bus to my destination by walking. That's always fun, seeing the people crammed in the bus, stuck in traffic look out and wonder, "Is that guy in the blue jacket the one we just passed a minute ago?" While walking to work is a good option, a better option is to ride my bike.

I got a nice steel frame from Nashbar, and then put together a nice commuter ride from parts I got on Craigslist and some discount bike shops. It's a pretty nice ride if I do say so myself. Initially riding up the hills really sucked, but you get used to it, and of course that allows for a nice speedy ride down once you reach the top. Traffic can be tricky, taxicabs are the worst. You have to sort of stake out your 'space' and not be afraid to stand your ground. Fortunately 'bicycles are allowed full use of the lane' is the law here.

Finally I arrive at the place where I work, McKesson Corp. 1 Post Street. Usually in by 8:30a...Lot's of typing and double-clicking, sitting in on meetings and calls of dubious importance. Then it's lunchtime. One of my New Year's resolutions was to stop eating out so much, so I now pack a sandwich, some chips and what has been my trademark at work, baby carrots and broccoli. Everyone thinks I'm a health food nut, with vegetables, water, and the gym. They never see me at the bar with a pitcher of Heffeweisen and bacon cheeseburger.

On average I get out to the gym about three times a week….trying to get that average up. I find the best time to go is around 2:30-3p in the afternoon. Just as I'm starting to get a little tired and bored, a jolt of exercise does the trick. Then back to the office for a couple hours and then back on the bike for the ride home. The wind is also a big factor in the afternoon, almost always working against me. Stupid wind. Dog goes for another walk and then I have the rest of the day to other fun stuff...like sleep.

Random 'best-of' pictures:

baby shower - presents may2010

Angel Island - Go Long - May2010

Purisima Creek - distance