Video Clips
And here are a couple video clips. They may take a minute or two to load and they are in Windows Media (*.wmv) format so they work best on Internet Explorer.

Eight Months Old Crawling!

Escape from her room

Nine Months Old Alina likes books

Kick the ball

Crib talk

Alina's first sail!

Ten Months Old Baby in a box


Flower Girl

Walking amongst the flowers


Eleven Months Old Balloon

Ping Pong

Twelve Months Old Sprayed with the hose

Swimming with Tatyana

Thirteen Months Old Snapping fingers


Fourteen Months Old Closet

Bye Bye

Tough commute

Random 'best-of' pictures:

grand canyon outcrop

The Goulds and Tatyana May2010

mountain biking - cabarete 2002