Video Clips
And here are a couple video clips. They may take a minute or two to load and they are in Windows Media (*.wmv) format so they work best on Internet Explorer.

Two Months Old Pretty Girl

Alina and "Popi"

Three Months Old Big Laugh

Bottle feeding

More bottle feeding...drowsy

Sleepy Time

Rude Awakening

A rolling stone gathers no moss

Four Months Old Hungry!

Five Months Old Tickle Bunny!

Six Months Old Singing

Cousin Julia (this one isn't loading for some people)

Blah, blah, blah

Good morning!

Alina does windows

Tickle Monster!

Random 'best-of' pictures:

overlooking Baker Beach - Jun 10

Bored at the SFMOMA April 2010.JPG

sailing Andy May 08